Excavations #7 – The cover

I used an old children’s book, “All the World Over” by Edith Farmiloe, full of scratches and scribbles from the children who previously owned it. Wonderful drawings, the originals and the scribbles ….

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Excavations #7 – The Making of

The 7th edition is in the mail, thank you for all you great contributions!

With pages from Sabine Remy, Stefan Heuer, Stefan Frank, Renate Ortner, Christian Alle, Antonio Gomez, Siggi Liersch, Tictac Patrizia, Geronimo Finn, Matthias Harnisch, Diane Bertrand, Marina Salmaso, Claudia Garcia, R.F. RF Côté, Vizma Bruns, Gina Ulgen, Giovanni Strada and Renata Strada, Serse Luigetti, Svenja Wahl

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